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Summer heat brings HVAC scam warnings

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) - - Summer is here and along with it comes the heat and there’s always a chance your AC might break this summer.

     Summer is prime time for HVAC companies, also leaving the door wide open scammers.

     There are ways to find the best company and have scammers be the last thing you worry about.

     The Better Business Bureau of Eastern North Carolina says the first step to finding the right company is to do your research.

     Finding a reputable business with good reviews can go a long way.

     Make sure you get everything you talk about in person or over the phone in writing.

     This can help when comparing cost, especially when the lowest price may give you a bad system.

"Know the answers ahead of time,” said BBB of Eastern North Carolina President Mallory Wojciechowski. “It should be part of your research when you're getting quotes and stuff ask how the payment is received maybe look for that in some type of written fashion so there's no questions afterwards."

     Another red flag is asking for proof of insurance and they can't provide any.

     Lastly, always look for more than one estimate, this could help with price comparison and opens you to many options, just not one.

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