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Vigil planned in Greenville after shootings at two New Zealand mosques

The Islamic Center and Mosque of Greenville will hold a vigil on Sunday in response to the shootings at two New Zealand mosques.

In a statement, The Islamic Center and Mosque of Greenville said: "We welcome all to attend as we make sense of this horrendous act of violence! Terrorism has no religion! We are one in humanity!"

The vigil will be from 6-7pm at 1303 South Evans Street.

Here's what we know about the terror attack in New Zealand:

  • Police said 50 people are dead after shootings at two mosques.
  • There were more than 30 others people hospitalized.
  • A suspected shooter, an Australian national, has been charged with murder.
  • Two others, whose roles remain unclear, are in custody.
  • A man who claimed responsibility for the attack wrote a manifesto referencing "white genocide" driven by "mass immigration."
  • The manifesto said guns were used to stoke the 2nd Amendment debate in the U.S., and called President Trump a "symbol of renewed white identity"

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