Local parents react to the idea of giving teachers guns


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – The debate over gun control comes after Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting victims and their families met President Trump at the White House, and thousands attended a CNN town hall where lawmakers were confronted.

The president asked parents and students Wednesday what they thought about having teachers armed in classrooms.

9 On Your Side asked families in the East the same thing.

One North Pitt High School freshman told 9 On Your Side that she did not attend school Thursday because she fears what happened in Florida will happen at her own school.

“We are in the same position as them, like it could happen at any time and you just don’t know when you go to school if it could happen or not,” she said.

She and her classmates do not really talk about what happened, but she does not think arming teachers is the answer.

“You never know what could go on in a teacher’s life because they could just get upset and take it out and shoot anybody,” she said.

Her mother, Veronica, did not wish to be interviewed on camera, but said she agrees with her daughter.

Dave Canal is another parent in Greenville who disagrees with the idea of giving teachers guns.

“I don’t think it would be a benefit at all to arm teachers,” Canal said. “You know, it can get away from them and now it is in the hands of other children? I don’t think it is the right thing.”

Some parents said they feel differently.

Mother of three Heather Johnson said she thinks it is okay to arm teachers.

“I think if the teachers are willing to do that and go through training, it is definitely something that could help and more resource officers,” Johnson said. “There are just so many ways a person could approach a school with a weapon wanting to do harm, and having that first line of defense there could really help things or at least deter them.”

One thing they all can agree on is that spending time with family means more now than ever before.

“We should appreciate them more and love them more everyday especially because of this, somebody else could just come and ruin everything,” the student said.

One thing that some parents told 9 On Your Side is that they are happy to see open dialogue between parents and lawmakers, making them feel that the people are being heard.

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