Local political leaders react to President Trump’s push for a border wall


The partial Government shutdown is now in its third week.

Many federal workers are either laid off or working without pay.

President Trump spoke to the nation in a prime-time address Tuesday night — urging democrats to fund a border wall.

Mr. Trump said, “How much more blood must we shed before congress does its job?”

On the flip side of that, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer responded to the president’s 9 minute speech.

Pelosi said, “Sadly what we have heard from president trump during this shutdown has been filled with misinformation.”

And here at home local political leaders are speaking out.

John Nix is the chairman of the Lenoir County Republican Party.

“Trump campaigned on this,” said Nix, “he won the election on building a wall.”

Charles McLawhown, Chairman of the Pitt County Democratic Party says Mr. Trump’s promise was Mexico would fund the wall.

McLawhown said, “I think Trump has failed to consider the interest of other people.”

9 On Your Side asked Nix, “Do you see the president backing down at all?”

Nix said, “I don’t see him backing down, that’s not who he is.”

In fact — Nix says he believes by the end of the week, the government will be back open and there will be funding for a wall.

But that’s something McLawhorn isn’t sure about.

He says, open the government and then talk about border security.

“I think the president is fueled by his own ego,” McLawhorn said, “he can’t believe a wall is necessary or affective.”

And we wanted to see what you had to say, many of our viewers have been leaving comments on our Facebook page.

 Steven says, “Build the wall, do what is asked by the people.”

Albert says, “This was a sincere speech, straight from the heart of our president — it’s time to take down the democrats.”

But — Robyn says, “If it (the wall) was so vital they would have built it when republicans held the House and the Senate.”

And Kayla says, “Illegal immigrants are not the only ones causing crime — selling illegal drugs or human trafficking. Stop making this an excuse for building the wall.”

This is week three of the shutdown.

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