Local vets advise pet-owners to keep furry friends indoors and secure during fireworks


While you may be out enjoying fireworks this week, your fluffy friends at home might not be.

Local vets said the 4th of July is the number one day of the year for dogs and cats to run away.

To avoid this, make sure and keep them locked in the house away from loud noises and bright lights from fireworks.

It is important to make sure they have tags with information and their microchips are up-to-date if they have them.

Dr. Linda Kuhn at East Carolina Veterinary Service said you can gently pet them to calm their nerves.

“Turn on the lights, turn on some soothing music in the dogs ear,” Kuhn said. “If your dog or cat likes to hide in the closet, leave the door open so they can do that and they feel safe and secure.”

Kuhn also said not to feed your pets scraps from the cookouts. 

They expect many pets in the vet Thursday as a result of that.

It is also important to make sure they have plenty of water and share or air conditioning to beat the heat.

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