Locals prepare for Hermine at hardware shops

lowes preps for hermine_266541

WINTERVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Many people in the east are taking steps to prepare for Hermine, starting with local hardware stores to buy backup generators and extra batteries.

A local Lowes manager said they stock extra generators during hurricane season, and keeping a generator around can save time and money down the road when there are other storms.

Many people are also buying, tarps, flashlights, and raincoats.

Shopper Kerri Andrews said it is important to stay prepared in case of emergencies, “With all of the water, there was all the flooding. You never know if somebody needs help. If you don’t know if your family member is ok, but you want to make sure, even if it’s just a text, if you can’t call them but you definitely want to keep in touch with your family.”

Shopper Melanie Moll said this isn’t her first time preparing for a tropical system. She has taken steps over the years to be prepared for emergencies.

“Make sure that you have batteries make sure that your cell phones are charged up. I do have a landline phone on purpose because I can always plug them in to have telephone communication,” said Moll

Sand and sandbags are also available to use as a barrier from rising waters.

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