Make it Monday: No-bake pumpkin patch dirt


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – If you’re looking for something to do with your kids while they’re off of school, we have a no-bake recipe they’re sure to love.

Chances are you’ve heard of dirt dessert… pudding and crushed Oreos… and usually some gummy worms on top and in the middle.

One of our WNCT 9 On Your Side producers loves making this with her nephews and she’s putting a fall twist on this year-round favorite.

Emily Passwaters is showing us how to make pumpkin patch dirt.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– one package Oreos

– large box of pudding mix

– 3 cups of milk

– green string candy

– pumpkin candy corn

To start, make the pudding by following the directions on the box. We’re using Jell-O chocolate pudding so we’re adding the mix to 3 cups of cold mix. Whisk for two minutes then let sit for five.

While that’s sitting, get your Oreos.

“We’re going to crush the Oreos to give it the dirt effect,” said Passwaters. “So we’re going to put them in bags and crush them.”

You can roll over the bags with a rolling pin, bowl, or just use a food processor if you have one.

“The next thing we’re going to do since it’s Halloween themed – we’re going with a pumpkin patch feel,” said Passwaters.

Now you’ll use your green string candy as vines. You can choose whatever you’d like for this, yet green Sour Punch Straws work best but if you can’t find those, you can use Airhead Extremes and cut off the green sections.

“Now it’s just time to compile so we’re going to do a layer of dirt, pudding, dirt, pudding and then you can put your toppings on,” said Passwaters.

We chose to use small glass bowls so you can see the layers.

Once you finish your layers, add a little topping of dirt, your candy pumpkins, and then wrap around the vines.

You can make about 8 to 10 dirt cups.

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