Make it Monday: Pirate decorated cupcakes


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – If you’re heading to a game day party or tailgate with friends this weekend, you may want to volunteer to bring the dessert.

In this week’s Make It Monday, we’re showing you how to make the perfect game day cupcakes to support your favorite teams.

“The options are limitless,” said Your Perfect Cake owner, Amber Rudder. “There are so many fun things you can do with cupcakes.”

Here’s what you’ll need:

– freshly baked cupcakes

– icing of your choice

– molding chocolate

– cookie cutters

– food coloring

– white sixlets

– plastic zip bags

– icing bag with star tip

Let’s start with a pirate cupcake. Roll out some purple molding chocolate and cut a circle with your cookie cutter. Cut it again at about a third.

“I’ll take a couple of pointy pieces and cut them and attach them at the corner,” said Rudder.

Then, put your bandana on an iced cupcake. Amber chose to use peanut butter icing for a skin tone shade.

Take a small piece of chocolate for the eye patch, then a white sixlet.

You can draw strings for the eye patch and a mark on the eye with just black food coloring.

Roll out a small piece of yellow molding chocolate and create and attach an earring, don’t forget to draw on a smile too!

If you’re just looking for some generic football cupcakes, you can make those with ease too.

Roll out brown molding chocolate and cut a circle with your cookie cutter.

“Using the circle cutter, you cut it again into a football shape,” said Rudder.

Use white icing in a plastic bag to create the laces. Put white icing in a plastic bag and cut a little bit of the corner off the bag to create fine lines.

You can use these footballs on top of any cupcake with your icing of choice.

If you’d like to get creative with icing, you’ll want to try this method with your team’s colors.

Line an area with plastic wrap and line your two team colors with white in the middle. Stay about two to three inches from the edge.

“Just roll this over and twist the long end securely,” said Rudder.

Put it in an icing bag with a star tip. Then, ice your cupcake and you’ll see the color swirl.

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