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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – In this week’s Make It Monday a local crafter is explaining a method called PVPP. It stands for Paint, Vinyl, Paint and Peel.

Greenville crafter, mom, and Army wife says using this method for DIY signs is easy to make and easy to customize.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– two colors of acrylic paint

– a wood board

– a vinyl phrase

– contact paper

– paint brushes

– craft hook

– transfer tool

You can get a custom vinyl phrase online or you can find some words and phrases in craft stores.

Once you have all your materials, paint your board one color. Use this color as the color you eventually want your letters to be.

Let it dry for a couple hours, then get your contact paper.

“You just want to take your vinyl and just let it roll down so it doesn’t get any air pockets,” said Zock.

Use your transfer tool to rub them together to get the vinyl to stick to the contact paper, then peel.

Next, transfer the phrase on the wood. Position your contact paper where you want the vinyl on the wood. Then, get your transfer tool and rub the letters into the wood. Peel off the contact paper.

Once done, paint another thin layer of your first paint color.

“That’s just to seal over the vinyl to seal it in before you do your top board color,” said Zock.

Once dry, paint the entire board your second color, which will eventually be the background color.

Wait for this color to dry for a couple hours and when it is, get your craft hook.

Use it to pick up the letters of the vinyl letters. Use a paint brush to touch up and fill any uneven letters.

To learn more about Wendy Zock and her crafting adventures, read her blog by clicking here.

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