WINDSOR, N.C. (WAVY) – A man is facing charges in Windsor after police say he robbed a woman at gunpoint – then forced her into her car and started driving.

Police say a woman was working at her Camden Street business late into the night Tuesday, when she was startled by someone barging into her business.

Police Chief Todd Lane said, “He did imply he had a gun. He had a sock over one hand with a pointed-type object inside the sock, indicating that he had a gun.”

The suspect, Avery Lamark Holley, of Edenton, demanded money. But the woman said she didn’t have any. Police say Holley then forced her into her own car, and drove her around.

That’s until she thought of something else.

“She convinced him there was money at her residence, and if they went back there, she would give him that money,” Lane said.

Police believe the victim suggested his, knowing her husband would be up waiting for her to get home.

“She really kept her wits about her. She was able to de-escalate the situation,” Lane said. “The subject was much bigger than her, much stronger. He manhandled her a little bit, but she kept her wits about her.”

Police say Holley held the woman in a chokehold-type grasp, then forced her into her house and ordered her husband to his knees.

The husband the took matters into his own hands. He was able to get his gun and fire at Holley, who then left the home running.

Police say about four hours later they found Holley here – not far from the woman’s house – hiding in an abandoned trailer. He is facing a number of charges, including first-degree kidnapping, felony breaking and entering and felony larceny.

Holley is now behind bars – and the victim, although shaken, went right back to work.

“She did an excellent job that night, but still when this type of thing occurs, it’s bound to shake you a little bit,” Lane said.

Lane says the victim’s husband was well within his right to fire his gun – believing his own life, and his wife’s were in danger.

But he does caution the action, saying if you miss your target in a residential area, a lot of things can go wrong.

Manwhile, police are encouraging any business owners who feel unsafe to request police drive by their businesses, or escort them to their cars, for the time being.