Marines from Cherry Point celebrate Marine Corps’ 243rd birthday with uniform pageant


We just celebrated Veterans Day and the US Marine Corps is celebrating their 243rd birthday this month as well.

Wednesday, the Marines from Cherry Point took their birthday party on the road to New Bern High School

It was basically a hands-on history lesson, students got to see Marines’ uniforms through the years.

From the Revolutionary War all the way to the modern day Marine.

It’s no secret the US military has come a long way.

Cherry Point commanding officer Colonel Todd Ferry said, “Marines who rode horses and walked, our first aviator in WWI, all the way to now.”

And the Marines at Cherry Point want young people to know that history.

“Sometimes history can be dull,” Ferry said, “but when you look and see each uniform, I always say try to picture yourself in that uniform and in that period.”

And the day was capped off with a traditional marine birthday celebration — well, sort of.

The cake a bit smaller, but the message, the same, —

“We are the US Marine Corps, and we honor those who have passed on before us and those destined to be future marines. Semper Fidelis.”

This is something they usually do for people on base, but New Bern High School is the first high school they’re been to.

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