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Greenville, N.C. (WNCT)- Older generations say they credit the longevity of their marriages to personal communication. In today’s world, verbal communication is no longer the norm when it comes to being connected with one another.

“I use my cellphone to stay update with current social media trends, as well as what my friends are doing on a daily basis,” said Wilson Triplett, “and to contact friends.”

While technology continues to change society, it’s changing the definition of “dating”. Whether it’s from staying in constant connection with your partner…

“I date someone from Connecticut and so if phones weren’t a thing that would just go splat immediately,” said Vanessa Russo.

Or meeting a future partner.

“Yeah I got tinder, ya know to meet some chicks,” said Triplett.

People are becoming dependent on technology to have a love life. Everything from small talk to deep conversation is happening over text message and phone calls- not face to face.

“A lot of the younger generation unfortunately doesn’t know how to communicate very well,” said Loryanna Russo, “because they’re just so use to texting and emailing.”

“If I’m in an uncomfortable situation like instantly I go to my phone or anywhere pretty much,” said Vanessa Russo, “I’m always on my phone.”

And it doesn’t stop there. Today, people are turning to cellphones apps like Snapchat, to communicate more than just words. Video and picture messaging was never even heard of 50 years ago.

“When cellphones weren’t popular you didn’t really have to stay in contact so much,” said Daniel Bomgardner. “You didn’t have to talk all the time or just be a call away, but now you’re texting all the time and snapchatting all the time.”

While our cellphones connect us when we’re apart, it instantly becomes a distraction when we’re together.

“You can’t even go out to eat a meal now without having to text a message to someone,” said Jim Hardison, “so it’s really taking away the personalities involved with the personal touch, the immediate presence.”

“I mean like if he’s on his cell phone I’ll be like what’s more important on your phone. I’m right here; I’m the only person you need to text. Like what’s going on,” said Vanessa Russo.

And while it’s a tool for communication, it can quickly create miscommunication and tension with our partner.

“You can’t interpret texts the same way as you are speaking to someone,” said Julie Kingrey, “so sometimes something comes across kind of harsh or mean or angry when you don’t mean it to be.”

It leads us to the question- is our infatuation with our partners coming from within or through the functions of our cellphones?

“You can constantly be like what are you doing, where are you, who you with, you can track their location, you can talk to them constantly, you can see when they read your message,” said Vanessa Russo, “so that’s where it can get overbearing.”

Whether it’s word of mouth or through the use of technology, communication is key to maintaining the relationships in our lives.

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