GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — New Year’s resolutions are a common thing amongst many this time of year. Whether it’s getting in the gym, eating better or setting goals, there is a multitude of options.

It’s that time again where many of us, whether we want to admit it or not, set those personal goals or resolutions for ourselves for the new year. Now, healthcare officials from UnitedHealthcare of North Carolina say that there are goals that are not only attainable but also have tools that can assist in achieving them.

Dr. Derrick Hoover is the North Carolina Community and State Medical Director for UnitedHealthcare and he says not only can exercise be a goal, but the effects it has go beyond just resolutions.

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“Studies have shown, CDC data shows us that exercise improves brain health, heart health, decreases cancer, and even more. So if we look at people who exercise 150 minutes a week, they have a 33% lower risk of death from any cause, which I think is huge,” Hoover said.

According to a survey, around 55% of Americans are making resolutions to improve their health this year. Doctors and medical professionals are highlighting different tools like fitness apps, fitness trackers and any other modern methods to keep us going with our goals.

“Whether it’s focusing on improving strength or enhancing endurance or finding new levels of flexibility, these apps help us to achieve those goals. And even so, some health plans are including subsidized subscriptions to these apps, with 1000s of on-demand workouts, and in some cases, no at no additional cost,” said Hoover.

Hoover also mentions aside from exercise and diets that many people also want to cut down on their tobacco use as well to improve their health.