Meth dump site found at vacant Bristol, TN home to be cleaned


BRISTOL, TN (WJHL) – Police are keeping a closer eye on a Bristol, Tennessee neighborhood after one week ago, a meth dump site was found inside a vacant home.

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At the time neighbors called News Channel 11’s newsroom worried by police blocking off parts of Arkansas Avenue, on the East side of the city.

Investigators found dozens and dozens of bags full of materials used to make meth. One week later we learned more about the case and what happens next to homes like this that have been contaminated.

The home in the 1600 block of Arkansas Avenue is under quarantine. We’re told the homeowner, along with TDEC, is working on setting up a time next week to look at the property.

Peaceful and peace of mind, it’s what Ben Blackwell chose to invest in moving to Bristol.

“I love it back here because it’s quiet. You get the train every now and ten but that’s fine by me,” he said.

But last week things weren’t so fine, a meth dumpsite was found inside a vacant home just a few hundred feet away from Blackwell’s.

“Just the fact that something like that being done down there and me not knowing it, kind of scary,” he said.

On Tuesday Bristol Tennessee police say the dumpsite could have been there between three to six months. But in general, homes contaminated by meth really aren’t a problem.

“Over the past year or two they’ve really declined,” said Captain Terry Johnson with the Bristol Tennessee Police Department.

Signs are now posted on the doors to warn about toxins, which will soon be cleaned and cleared away. Though what about other homes like this?

We checked TDEC’s Registry of Properties Under Quarantine, in Sullivan County there are 32 homes needing to be sealed off more than 60 days as of January 1st, 2016.

Listings date back from 2009 to 2015 and have moderate to heavy contamination.

“We typically rely, in cases like this, on tips from the community. They are really the eyes and ears of their neighborhoods and own businesses,” said Captain Johnson.

For now everyone out on Arkansas Avenue is relieved this mess won’t get any worse.

“I’m keeping a better eye out, I know that. As for my other neighbors, I hope they are as well,” said Blackwell.

There’s no word yet who may be responsible for the meth lab, but Bristol Tennessee Police say this case is still under investigation and officers are following up on all their leads.

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