GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – As the deadly shooting investigation continues on Michigan State University’s campus, local college students talk about how they’re feeling being on ECU’s campus a day after this tragedy.

ECU students said their main concern is the fear of uncertainty and that a shooting could happen at any time.

MSU was anything but calm Monday night as a gunman killed three students and injured five others before taking his own life.

As there’s an investigation into the deadly shooting that led to a three-hour search for the gunman, the emotion is being felt here in ENC, 800 miles away from the scene.

Keziah Worsley is a senior at ECU and described coming to campus Tuesday morning as heavy, scary and sad. She added the tragedy MSU is going through could happen to any college.

“It’s kind of disturbing as well because it takes a lot of courage to witness that and hear about that and still look at college the same way,” said Worsley.

Mitchell Staley, another ECU senior, said hearing the news of another school shooting sadly and unfortunately is not as surprising as he would like for it to be.

“I think it was the reaction of many, ‘Welp there’s another one,’ I have business to handle, other people have business to handle. It’s not going to affect our daily lives until it does. And it’s really unfortunate and there needs to be more done about it,” said Staley.

For Riley Sherman, a freshman at ECU, the shooting does affect her and hits too close to home as she said she has a friend that goes to MSU.

“Just the fear of knowing someone you care about at one point in your life like being out in that danger, is so unfathomably scary, like it just happens too often,” said Sherman.

ECU students repeatedly asked, “When is enough really going to be enough?”