MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. – U.S. Marines with 2d Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force participated in the Division Super Squad Competition on Camp Lejeune on Friday.

It was a chance to compete to represent the Division in the 2023 Marine Corps Rifle Squad Competition.

“It’s just testing all of the associated skills required to be a rifle squad leader, Team Leader and individual rifleman and evaluating a squad from each battalion across the division,” said David Wehlermann, event lead for the Individual Squad Movement Evaluation.

Founded in 1994, the competition originally tested a single infantry squad’s ability to conduct land navigation, squad-sized patrolling, combined-arms employment of multiple weapon systems and much more. The competition, now called Super Squad, identifies the best infantry squad in a Marine division.

“In the individual squad movement evaluation, it was a four-and-a-half mile route, with five stations evaluating different knowledge checks,” said Wehlermann.

This year, five squads from the Division competed in a series of events including the individual marksmanship assessment where the Marines will fire the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle with suppressor. Directly following the marksmanship assessment, the squads transitioned into the individual squad movement assessment consisting of five stations; weapons assembly, casualty treatment and evacuation, reports, call for fire, and a written exam.

“I built on these guys they build on me there were things I missed up on things they missed up on we were grown man we understood and we just pushed through had a good time,” said Cpl. Carlos Hickman, Squad Leader.

“We suffered together and we all made it through together. So it was a great experience,” said LCpl. Jonathan Hoffman, Team Leader.

In the last station, Marines had to maneuver through the obstacle course with all their gear on.

The competition concludes with a BBQ celebration and awards ceremony.