Camp Lejeune announces there will be no mandatory evacuation


There will be no mandatory evacuation from Camp Lejeune.

In a Facebook post Tuesday, Brigadier Gen. Julian Alford, the commanding general of Camp Lejeune, said, “many evacuation routes are vulnerable to flooding, and hotels and fuel supplies are likely already overwhelmed, making it very dangerous to travel from and then back to Camp Lejeune when the storm is over.”

In the post, Alford said listed the reasons why the base will not be evacuated.

We have hardened infrastructure and the support system necessary to deal with Florence’s potential impacts; we have our own first responders to provide security and emergency response; there is the Naval Medical Center/Hospital for medical care; we produce and distribute our own water, and have the power generation capability to ensure we can continue to produce and distribute water; we have emergency shelters for those desiring to seek shelter; we have emergency supplies; we have our own waste-water treatment facility; we have our own trash collection and associated dump; we have our own public works department for roads, buildings, and infrastructure issues; we have large military vehicles and equipment staged and ready to assist if/when needed; and finally, we have Marines who will be ready to assist and take care of each other during this stressful time.

The majority of Camp Lejeune is NOT in a flood prone area. We have very reliable historical data on what areas would be affected by storm surges and flooding and have already directed the relocation of those personnel and residents away from those vulnerable locations.

Everyone who needs shelter will get it. If/when the Wallace Creek fitness center shelter, the Tarawa Terrace II Elementary School shelter, and the Brewster Middle School shelter are filled, we will prepare other shelters and make available spaces where possible to accommodate any family in need. If necessary, we can utilize barracks that have been built to withstand the toughest hurricane conditions. I ask that families using shelters bring with them a three-day supply of food and water for each member if possible.

Finally, I give you my personal assurance we are going to take care of everyone on this base. Since 1941, this base and its Marines have been postured to deal with crises at home and abroad and Hurricane Florence is no exception. Marines take care of each other, and I will expend every available resource to make sure that happens. Further, If our neighbors in Jacksonville and Onslow County need our help, we will be ready to render assistance. Stay safe and continue to monitor our website and social media pages for further updates.

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