CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. (WNCT) – It was a day to honor our local Marines for more than 80 years of service.

The 2d Marine Division birthday ceremony took place at Camp Lejeune on Wednesday. The “Follow Me” Division has been in place since 1941, and now they’re taking the time to recognize all their efforts since. 

Service members in the 2d Marine Division honored their previous accomplishments, placing each battle streamer on the flag. 

“From World War II, through the global war on terror, to our responses today for exercises and events such as response to earthquakes in Haiti,” said MG of the Marine Corps, CG of the 2d Marine Division, Calvert Worth Jr.

It was a chance to give a moment to veterans who have lost a companion along the way.

“We took the division to Iraq in 2005 and returned in 2006. We had over 4,000 injured in Iraq, and 365 killed in action. And attending this each year is a reflection on those great Marines and warriors, both Army, Navy, Marines and Sailors,” said retired SGM Ron Himsworth of the 2d Marine Division.

It allows them to see what a long way they have come since. 

“Knowing the legacy that we set, that the young Marines are picking up and carrying it on into today,” said Himsworth. “There’s a real joy and brings a real little tear to my eyes, but a warm feeling in my heart that the Marine Corps is in good hands.”

Now, they are preparing for not if, but when they’ll be needed.

“The overall mission of headquarters battalion 2d Marine Division, it’s just to become better leaders, it’s the Follow Me division,” said SGT Geraldo Guzman. “It has been the greatest opportunity I’ve been allowed to have here in the 2d Marine Division.”

In total, over 13,000 Marines and Sailors were a part of the 2d Marine Division honored at the celebration.