Camp Lejeune Marines train for fights in contaminated battlefields


MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. (WNCT) – Marines at Camp Lejeune are hitting the ground running with their latest training. Their exercise is preparing them for future fight that may expose them to something other than bullets and shells.

Friday morning’s training is part of CBRN operations also known as Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Defense.

In the scenario, marines find what may be a lab for weapons of mass destruction.

One team enters the building to find and mark any hazardous substances. A second group comes in to get samples for testing to determine what the substances may be.

Marines say it’s important to run these exercises so they be prepared for future combat.

“Knowing how to come across them and how to figure out what they are, it saves their lives in the end and it keeps us combat ready for when go overseas and see a biological lab or biological attack,” said Sgt. Skyanne Gilmore, marine corps CBRN specialist.

“Its makes us realize how important our jobs is and how crucial it is for us to stay well trained and stay vigilant in what we do. Because at any moment we could have to do these things and have to be prepared to do that,” said LCPL Shaun Franklin, marine corps CBRN specialist.

Exercises like this show what marines will have to do to accomplish their mission, and protect fellow troops and civilians from these kind of weapons.

“As for the lab to figure out what they were making, what they could’ve probably been doing and see how that would lead to react in the future,” said Franklin.

Many marines were killed by chemical agents during World War I. They’ve been trained for nuclear, chemical, and biological combat through the Cold War and in conflicts in the Middle East and Asia.

Base officials say this exercise for marines is putting them a step closer to more extensive down the line.

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