JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – A special set of classes is making sure service members onboard Camp Lejeune stay healthy inside and out. 

Over the past six months, over 200 Marines have taken part in the II MEF Information Group Resiliency Workshop.  

“The service members voluntarily come to the classes, some are encouraged to attend, because they may need the classes a little bit more than they realize,” said Amanda McKinnon, the prevention specialist under the Embedded Prevention Behavioral Health Capability.

Service members had the chance to take classes about everything from tax preparation, warfighter brain health and even healthy sexual communication.  

“We teach them everything that they need in order to be mission capable to go out and defend our country. So, in addition to that, we also have to provide them the education on how to take care of themselves,” said McKinnon. 

Some Marines are grateful for the opportunity. 

“I’ve been trying to learn something new in every class. And that’s what I plan on doing is just learning about new things and then spreading the knowledge to everyone else when I go back,” said student LCpl. Zoey Caforio. 

These workshops take place on a monthly basis. Officials say it’s all about building the warrior from within. 

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