NEW BERN, N.C. (WNCT) – In a special ceremony Thursday, officials formally announced a new program that will help drive local business and showcase Eastern North Carolina.  

ENC Tech Bridge will be a way for the military to get solutions from regional government, industry and local colleges in North Carolina for any issues they may have. 

“Often within government, things take time to be able to process this was a way for them to be able to work with universities and private companies to find solutions to certain problems or obstacles that are out there,” said Economic Development Director Jeff Wood. 

Wood says this will be a way for the military to look locally to find solutions to any problems or obstacles they might have. 

“If we have a challenge or a problem, we can put that out to the tech bridge and they’ll source it out to the ecosystem of the small businesses or universities, anybody that’s got a solution that can come to the table and help solve,” said Commanding Officer of Fleet Readiness Center East, Col. Thomas Atkinson. 

Wood describes ENC Tech Bridge as an “entity itself” that partners specifically with Fleet Readiness Center East. He added it will become a central hub for innovation.  

“Not only are we going to have more visitors coming into the area to work with the NC Tech Bridge, we also have chances to convince those companies to move here, hire people and work with those folks,” said Wood. 

NavalX spearheads the tech bridge initiative. Atkinson said this will be a way to give Fleet Readiness Center East the best ideas and solutions and might even help out others in the process.  

“We have tremendous capability in terms of additive manufacturing, machine capabilities, they have access to our capabilities that maybe we can link together and solve a common problem,” said Atkinson.