JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – As Sexual Assault Awareness Month is starting to wrap up, Marines and Sailors on Camp Lejeune took the time Thursday to raise awareness about the issue in a unique way.  

Those service members were working together to make a difference one game at a time during a special field meet that took place on the base Thursday. Kickball, volleyball and archery tag are just some of the games troops from 2nd Marine Division played during the event. 

“We are raising awareness for sexual assault awareness program, shedding light on how we can support survivors of sexual assault prevention, educating Marines and civilians in the severity of sexual assault, and why how we can go ahead and prevent it,” said a sexual assault response coordinator with the SAPR Program, Amber Riggle. 

The games are a way for the service members to build camaraderie.  

“The whole purpose with the teams is to actually work together and communicate and advocate for each other,” Riggle said. “So, a lot of the times we you know, think that sexual assault can occur with the lack of communication, stuff like that. So, what we’re doing is we’re putting an emphasis on working together, speaking, clearly communicating consent.” 

The event was also a way for service members to learn about what’s there for them.  

“We have a lot of junior Marines out here. So, we want to promote, you know, inclusivity within the organization, you know, push out that we want to maintain that retention as well, and show them that there are resources available to them,” said Riggle.  

Over 200 Marines and Sailors came out to the field meet.