FORT BRAGG, N.C. (WNCN) — The spouse of a former Fort Bragg soldier is bringing the conditions soldiers are living in at some Fort Bragg’s barracks to light.

“The conditions that they are living in are upsetting. They are unlivable,” Melissa Godoy, military spouse and advocate said.

Godoy described the living conditions on the inside of Fort Bragg barracks on Smoke Bomb Hill.

“They (soldiers) are living in mold, asbestos, lead, server water damage, flooding, rodents, bugs,” she said.

Soldiers even sent pictures to her anonymously of the conditions inside. CBS 17 was not able to get permission to use the pictures before this story was published.  

Leaders at Fort Bragg acknowledged there are issues with several buildings. Some structures are over 50 years old.

At least 1,200 soldiers are in the process of relocating after 10 to 12 barracks didn’t meet heating ventilation and cooling standards.

“These men and women are living with no A/C for months at a time,” Godoy said.

Fort Bragg confirmed soldiers have submitted numerous work orders for a variety of issues.

“They are even getting retaliated against soldiers by commands and by the department of public works for complaining in the first place,” Godoy said.

Fort Bragg denied that claim. The base responded with a statement. 

“Our number one priority is taking care of our soldiers. Army leaders have committed substantial resources to address the barracks issues to ensure our Soldiers are taken care of throughout the process.”

Fort Bragg said it will take some time to relocate all of those soldiers. Once those soldiers are relocated, several of the barracks will be demolished.