FORT LIBERTY, N.C. (WNCN) — Leaders at Fort Liberty are responding to claims that soldiers are living in deplorable conditions at facilities across the installation.

New photos sent to CBS 17 show conditions that soldiers at Fort Liberty say they’ve been living in for months.

People who sent the photos in did not want to do an interview in hopes of staying anonymous, but say they’ve made their concerns clear to leadership on post. They say those complaints are often ignored.

In some cases, soldiers reported being moved out of barracks with bad conditions into buildings with even worse problems.

A spokesperson for Fort Liberty sent CBS 17 a statement, which says in part: “The Fort Liberty Garrison is not aware of any of these issues listed. The health and welfare of our Soldiers is of greatest concern.”

It went on to say health and wellness of soldiers is at the forefront of army readiness and when they do receive a maintenance request it’s prioritized and responded to appropriately.

These complaints come after Fort Liberty moved around 1,200 soldiers out of the Smoke Bomb Hill Barracks that did not meet HVAC standards starting last summer.

CBS 17 asked for an update on how many soldiers were still living in those barracks, but a spokesperson did not specify. They did say five of those facilities are being fully renovated to meet health standards while twelve of the buildings are being prepared to be fully demolished.