Idea could lead to possible Veteran memorial in the works for Swansboro


SWANSBORO, N.C. (WNCT) — A Veteran memorial is in talks to come to Swansboro in the near future. According to town officials, this is a project that’s been almost four years in the making.  

“We were in a meeting together and he said, ‘John, if there’s anything I can do for you, let me know,’ and I said, ‘there is, I need a leader to help this vision of mine come to fruition’,” said Swansboro Mayor John Davis. 

The “he” Davis was talking about is retired Lt. Col. David Brown. It all started with an idea. On Memorial Day in 2019, the mayor said he realized he had to drive over 30 minutes away from the town just to get to any veteran memorial. He threw out the idea to Brown about building a memorial in the town. 

After that, Brown got to work. He worked with Coastal Carolina Community College architects and even started a task force to plan out the entire process. 

“He’s gotten the designs, architectural work done,” Davis said. “As you can see behind me the model’s done, all of this has been on his shoulder and his leadership to make it happen and bring it to fruition.”

About two weeks ago, they began negotiating a land agreement for the woods behind Sanders Park Fields. 

Their plan now is to build eight ten-foot-tall pillars, each representing a different branch of service and each with its own famous quote. The pillars all together will form one American flag. The goal is to have a separate entrance to the memorial and to put it back in the woods so they can give veterans a place to reflect in peace. 

“[Veterans] can sit down and they can quietly talk about their remembering various incidents in their wartime experience. So that ability to do that is unique. It’s memorable and special for this town,” said Brown. 

The President of Swansboro Baseball and Softball, Spencer Marsinek, said this park is the perfect spot for the future memorial.  

“The kids to be out here, they get to play the game, America’s pastime, baseball, softball, and then they get to go potentially see a memorial that those veterans gave them the opportunity to sit here and play this fun game that we all love,” said Marsinek. 

If you’re interested in learning more about this process and or donating to the cause, you can contact David Brown by email at

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