JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – It’s a law aiming to help those impacted by toxic water while on a military base. 

Now, local veteran organizations are helping people navigate the PACT Act and the lawsuit process. VFW Post 9133 is hosting town halls to educate Lejeune Toxic Water survivors and others on how they can finally get the compensation they deserve.  

Marine Corps veteran Wilbour McNamee is one of many that showed up to the recent town hall with questions. He wanted to know if his wife would be able to get anything from the lawsuit because of the time she worked at Camp Lejeune and was exposed to the toxic water.  

“My wife came down about four or five years ago was stage four lung cancer, which is usually a death sentence, but she whipped it, thank God for that,” said McNamee. 

The commander of the VFW Post says these town halls are a way to clear up misinformation. 

“We’re just telling people, ‘Hey, make sure when you’re making a decision, you make the decision for you and know that if you do file with the lawsuit that you if you’re a veteran specifically, it may be offset, the money that you get may be offset by your VA compensation’,” said Wendy Silvera. 

The meetings are open to any veteran or family member that needs advice. They also plan to live stream the future ones on their website to reach more people. 

“A lot of veterans get discouraged because they’re like ‘I filed and you know, it didn’t work out, I’m not doing it and I’m frustrated’. So, we want to make sure that out the gate, that we’re giving them the proper guidance,” said Silvera. 

These informational sessions will take place every Monday and Wednesday starting at 4 pm. To read more about them, check out their Facebook group here.