MARINE CORP AIR STATION NEW RIVER, N.C. (WNCT) — The investigation into the cause of a crash in Norway back in March that killed four Marines from New River was completed and released on Sunday.

The crash happened during a training exercise on March 18 near Bodo, Norway. Killed in the crash were Capt. Matthew J. Tomkiewicz, 27, of Fort Wayne, Indiana, aircraft commander; Capt. Ross A. Reynolds, 27, of Leominster, Massachusetts, co-pilot; Gunnery Sgt. James W. Speedy, 30, of Cambridge, Ohio, aerial observer; and Cpl. Jacob M. Moore, 24, of Catlettsburg, Kentucky, crew chief.

In a statement from the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing unit released Sunday, it says a “series of maneuvers” made by the aircraft at a low altitude “exceeded the maximum angle-of-bank for an MV-22B” as the primary reason for the crash., which distributes military information to members of the media, reported “The investigation concluded that the cause for the aviation accident was pilot error. Pilot error is the technical term describing a situation where the pilot’s inputs, or lack of appropriate inputs, made to the controls or systems of the aircraft were a causal factor, directly contributing to the mishap.”

The report also states other factors such as weather, training, maintenance and the terrain were also considered. The report said the crew refueled and departed for its authorized flight but ran into trouble shortly after takeoff, which resulted in the crash.

“The steepness of the turn resulted in the loss of both airspeed and altitude, followed by an overcorrected maneuver with a right turn in excess of 80 degrees from which the aircraft could not recover,” according to the report.