AYDEN, N.C. (WNCT) — An organization that does good for members of the military is being evicted and is looking for a new home.

Earlier Monday, NC Support Our Troops, formally known as NC Packs 4 Patriots, posted on Facebook that the non-profit organization was being evicted and must move “as soon as possible.”

“BAD NEWS: we are being evicted and have to be out as soon as possible. At least we have most things in storage units, but have to move out our shelving, desks, etc. We will have to rent another storage unit for those things ( $$$$). We will need volunteers to help with moving those big heavy items along with trucks.”

NC Support Our Troops is currently based in Ayden. Through volunteers and donations, the organization brings cheer to military members through care packages throughout the year, especially during Christmas.

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“We call this the southern branch of the North Pole,” Barbara Whitehead, founder of NC Packs for Patriots of her organization, told Ken Watlington in his Veterans Voices feature in 2022.

Back in April, a storm caused damage to its current building. The roof was in need of repair and leaking water inside, Whitehead told WNCT’s Sarah Gray Barr at the time. The group was trying to move supplies, cover shelves and save supplies that were damaged.

“We don’t know how many items that are in storage were damaged by the rain,” said Whitehead back in April. “The rain was pouring in, we were getting it into the trucks as fast as we can, We probably … I feel like we’ll probably going to be losing a lot of the food items.”

The organization has been in Ayden since 2018, when it was forced to move from its donated space where it had operated for more than 12 years.