North Carolina based veteran group on Facebook provides chance to share resources, network, build friendships


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — With Veterans Day just around the corner, one Pitt County man helped create a one-stop site with resources and connections for veterans across the state. The Facebook group “Veterans of North Carolina” has almost 1,600 members. 

“Something that that was instilled in me about, you know, the relationship between the Marine Corps and the Navajo Nation. You know, very patriotic people, traditional Navajo,” said Marine Corps veteran Bobby O’Daniel. 

O’Daniel is a Marine Corps veteran and member of the Navajo Nation. He joined the military out of high school and served for many years, including during Desert Storm.  

He’s retired now and spends his time trying to give back to the veteran community. He started “Veterans Of North Carolina” in hopes to create a space for anything fellow veterans may need. 

“Organizations are not really brick and mortar anymore, because, you know, they insisted that we, you know, start a retina space, and, you know, go to where people can go to for information, I was like, well, you know, virtually, they can do that within the comfort of their own home,” said O’Daniel.

“A lot of veterans sort of are trepidatious about going out into the public, because that’s one of the things that post-traumatic stress disorder is one of the things that you don’t trust anyone you know, so the best place to be is in the comfort insecurity of your own home.”

The group provides veterans with a chance to share resources, network and build friendships. 

“One post [Wednesday] night was ‘I’m in Charlotte, or there is anyone who can, you know, hang out in Charlotte with me’ and so, you know, a lot of people jumped on there, said ‘man, come along’. You know, it’s a great camaraderie,” said O’Daniel. 

In the beginning, O’Daniel said this page was only meant to be in Greenville. He noticed over time it began to grow. 

“I started seeing the people outside the county, and then outside of eastern North Carolina, and then outside the state, you know, we still get a request to join from. There’s even been, you know, some from other countries, which we have veterans all over the world,” said O’Daniel. 

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