SAN DIEGO – Chief Petty Officer JaDe Augustin, a native of Rocky Mount, serves the U.S. Navy aboard Fleet Logistics Multi-Mission Squadron (VRM) 30 located in San Diego.

Augustin joined the Navy 19 years ago.

“I’m the oldest of nine, and I wanted to serve as an example for my siblings,” said Augustin.

Growing up in Rocky Mount, Augustin attended SouthWest Edgecombe High School and graduated in 2004. Skills and values learned in Rocky Mount are similar to those needed to succeed in the military.

“There’s not always an easy road to get where you want,” said Augustin. “There’s no easy street. You have to put in the work to get the job done. Growing up, I learned the importance of a strong work ethic.”

These lessons have helped Augustin while serving in the Navy.

VRM aircraft are the Navy’s version of the U.S. Marines’ V-22 Osprey. They are designed to replace the C-2A Greyhound, which has provided logistical support to aircraft carriers for four decades.

VRM aircraft are vertical takeoff and landing tilt-rotor aircraft, which have an increased operational range, faster cargo loading/unloading, increased survivability, and enhanced communications compared to the C-2A Greyhound.

According to Navy officials, the mission of VRMs is to provide timely, persistent air logistics for sustained carrier strike group lethality, anywhere in the world.

With 90 percent of global commerce traveling by sea and access to the internet relying on the security of undersea fiber optic cables, Navy officials continue to emphasize that the prosperity of the United States is directly linked to trained sailors and a strong Navy.

“Our mission remains timeless – to provide our fellow citizens with nothing less than the very best Navy: fully combat ready at all times, focused on warfighting excellence, and committed to superior leadership at every single level,” said Adm. Mike Gilday, Chief of Naval Operations. “This is our calling. And I cannot imagine a calling more worthy.”

Serving in the Navy means Augustin is part of a world-class organization focused on maintaining maritime dominance, strengthening partnerships, increasing competitive warfighting capabilities and sustaining combat-ready forces in support of the National Defense Strategy.

“Maritime support provided by the Navy is crucial to keeping the peace or responding to a threat,” said Augustin.

Augustin has many opportunities to achieve accomplishments during military service.

“My proudest accomplishment is earning the rank of chief petty officer,” said Augustin. “Being a chief is about the sailors. I have to train my replacement. I would like to leave a positive path for the new sailors coming in, so one day they can say, ‘I want to be like Chief Augustin.’ I always have their back, and I want them to know that.”

As Augustin and other sailors continue to train, they take pride in serving their country in the United States Navy.

“Serving in the Navy has given me a lot of discipline,” said Augustin. “This career has set me up for the civilian world. Sometimes, I feel like people assume that because I’m a female, I work in administration, but I’m an electrician. I actually work on the aircraft.”

Augustin is thankful for those who helped her get to where she is today.

“I’d like to send a shoutout to my mom, Antonetta Wilkins and Miss Molly Williams,” added Augustin. “Thank you for being supportive of my career and being that shoulder I sometimes needed as a kid. I’ll be home soon!”