Mobile banking being targeted by hackers

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How protected is your phone?  

Mobile banking is quickly becoming a favored target among hackers.

More than half of Americans now use their mobile phones as the primary method of banking.     

“I love the feature of being able to take a picture of the check for a deposit without having to go to the bank to do it,” said John Tolleson in Spartanburg. 

“Where I bank they kind of incentivize it, you pay penalties for going inside,” said Erin Haire in Spartanburg. 

But now, cybersecurity experts warn hackers are using malware to target the very device you just can’t live without.

“We never had to worry about our phones before but now we’re going to have to start,” said Kevin Hodges an IT expert with USC Upstate. 

Hodges says all it takes is a malicious link from a text or email or a click of an online ad with some bad code and the hacker’s in. 

“It downloads malware in the background and then what it does is it waits for you to access the banking app and what it does is it falsifies that app to make it look exactly like the app even though its not and it steals your username and password and login information to get in,” said Hodges.  

“It doesn’t surprise me, why should it be the only bastion of technology that’s not susceptible to some sort of hacking or some sort of malware,” said Haire.

The best way to protect yourself is to set up another form of verification beyond your just password.  Touch ID is one example.

Another is the two-step authentication that sends a unique code via text every time you log in.

“I haven’t used that with my bank yet, but after this, I probably will as well,” said Tolleson.

While you’re at it, keep your phone’s operating system up to date, watch your bank account regularly and make sure your password is strong to avoid falling prey to a mobile banking hacker.

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