9 on your side is hearing more today from clients of a local contractor whose work one family describes as unsatisfactory.

WNCT’S Tamara Scott took you inside the home of Danny and Julie Anderson who claim they’ve received a botched job during their house building process.

They complained of inconsistency laziness and alignment issues.

Tamara talked with another family with a completely different experience, she has more.

Like the Anderson’s…the Lily family also had their house built by unshakable builders, and close to the same time as the Anderson’s down the street, but CJ Lily says they couldn’t be happier with their finished product.

Lily says it was important to their family that they went in with a plan..

That means having everything decided even before they broke ground.

He claims that while they did run into some issues Unshakable Builders was there every step of the way and some

“Communication is a big plus a lot of times you have to leave it in the contractors hands  that he knows what is best because not every person is going to have the time to take off the whole process of their house getting built,” said Lily.

When I reached out to unshakable builders for a comment they directed me to their lawyer who said in part, it would be inappropriate for me to make any comments on a case in which there is eminent litigation.


At first glance, Danny and Julie Anderson’s dream farm house in Greenville seemed to be everything they wished for.

“We went around looking for builders, a property, and we were brought to his location,” said Danny Anderson. “We were actually the first ones out here to put money down.”

But after more than a year, the Andersons are still not moved in and finding new problems every day.

“We were told by the county that we could move in, and we were like, ‘Why would I want to move in when the walls need to be painted? Why would I want to move in when there is trim missing at the door? Why would I want to move in when the Jacuzzi tub doesn’t work?” said Danny Anderson.

According to files from the Pitt County inspections, the home failed the first request for inspection on September 14 and five days later on the 19 it passed. Danny said he thinks that was a mistake.

Danny and Julie also said problems with alignment and inconsistencies have put them behind schedule

“I’ve been paying rent to live somewhere; I’ve been paying interest on this loan from a construction loan; I’ve paid storage on personal property cause I know where to put it, and we are not living in the house,” Danny Anderson said.

9 On Your Side reached out to the company, Unshakable Builders, for a comment and was directed to their lawyer who said a comment would be inappropriate when there in imminent litigation.

“He stopped the building of our house, as Danny mentioned, around April through June and then he came to my husband, and he verbally apologized and said he did it on purpose; he was mad and frustrated,” said Julie Anderson.

The couple is at their breaking point.

“I cry every day sometimes, multiple times,” said Julie Anderson. “It is so depressing and so much anxiety. No one should have to go through this.”