GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — MrBeast gathered 100 subscribers in a huge mall and gave them each $10,000.

Best of MrBeast: $300,000 given to those in need

Another of the Greenville resident’s best-of-videos posted to Facebook spells it all out. The competitors must stay hidden for 10 hours if they want to keep the money. Contestants run through all kinds of obstacles and crazy parts of this mall to stay out of sight.

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With just six hours left in the competition, there were still 78 people for MrBeast to find. He scheduled a SWAT team to be there to help him look at 5 am. Every person they helped find, he would let the team keep half the money. They even brought a drone in to find people, making it nearly impossible for the contestants to stay hidden.

Best of MrBeast: Giving back to service workers

After the SWAT team finished their time there, they’re still on the search for some contestants. This mall even contains a ski resort so it’s getting hard to find the last few.

After they search the water park, he gets Jack Black to announce over the speakers that they are closing the water park so anyone hiding in there should find somewhere else to hide. At 7 am, there are 53 people remaining.

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With only 30 minutes left, the mall opened up to the public. At the end of it, there were 23 people remaining who each won $10,000.

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