GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Another classic MrBeast video has him and his crew doing what they do best, giving away money.

To start off the video, Greenville’s own MrBeast is standing in front of a massive pile of cash. He sets out to give that $300,000 to people in need in different ways.

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He heads to a local business with a sign outside its door telling people they’re going out of business. When they confirm they are, he hands the owner a bag containing $30,000.

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He goes to an apartment next and states he’s paying for everyone’s rent. He finds the owner of the complex, tells her he’s going to cover the cost of everyone’s rent and hands her a bag with $15,000 in it. She manages a second apartment complex and he also covers the rent for those residents.

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Then, at Best Buy he buys every MacBook and PlayStation 5 in there. He purchases all of these to give away to high schoolers. He puts them in a classroom after speaking with the teacher. After getting the teacher’s approval to do this, he gives her a backpack with $10,000 inside.

At a college campus, he pays a few random people’s student debts.

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After ordering food, he gives the driver a $10,000 tip.

Dicks Sporting Goods is his next stop, where he buys a good amount of the items in the store, coming to 21 carts of stuff. He takes all of the items he bought and gives them to the local Salvation Army.

He digs keys to a sports car in the ground and gives the participant a certain amount of hours to find the keys. After quite a while of digging, MrBeast starts to give him hints and he eventually finds the keys to the car and gets to keep it.

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