GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — This MrBeast challenge is so extreme, there’s a warning label in the comments stating a medical team was on standby.

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In this best-of-MrBeast video, the Greenville resident is participating in a 30-day fasting challenge. If he eats any food during this time, they shave his head.

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His team gives him multiple temptations in different ways. A few are filling his kitchen with delicious snacks, his friends getting McDonald’s in the same car as him, doing a photo shoot with his very own chocolate bar, Feastables, where he has to pretend to bite it, and renting an ice cream truck.

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The next temptation is where the Greenville restaurant Sup Dogs comes in. His friends take him there and eat the nachos named “macho nachos,” which are corn tortillas, melted cheese and chili, topped with lettuce, jalapenos and sour cream. He even says he considers shaving his head for these, but he refrains from eating them.

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To distract himself, he films videos/challenges with contestants while also checking sets. After a week, he finally gets a taste of at least something, even if it’s not much. Want to see what it was? Watch to find out!

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They head to the East Carolina basketball practice facility to play some basketball when his friends notice he’s definitely a lot more sluggish than usual.

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The doctor orders a hormone to see if he has told the truth about not eating anything. Watch the video to see if he was telling the truth.

Did he make it the full 30 days? Did he tell the truth about not eating? Click here to find out!

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