GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Sometimes MrBeast creates some pretty extreme challenges, but some of them seem to be easy for large amounts of cash.

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In this case, it seems simple. 100 people are inside a large circle and the last to leave will receive $500,000. One contestant decided to accept his fate of the small chance of winning and left the circle pretty quickly, but still walked away with a prize. Click here to see just how fast he left and what exactly he won.

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A few more people began to head out but were still handed prizes. After a handful leave, MrBeast introduces the twist. At the end of each day, they’re going to shrink how big the circle is. After seeing how much smaller it got, some people left. Two days in the circle seemed to be some people’s limit.

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MrBeast then proposed to them a deal to have the option for a MrBeast burger for dinner that night. Click here to see what the deal was.

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By day four, there were 60 people left. As the days passed and more challenges went into it, people began to get kicked out or just leave, but they were still given a prize. A big prize was given to one contestant even after leaving the circle. Click here.

After a few more days passed, the most INSANE thing happened during the challenge. You have got to see it here. It might make you tear up.

The challenges got more and more extreme and more money was given to contestants who left. Click here to watch the rest of the video to see who won and what it took to get there.

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