GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — MrBeast does what he does best in this video: giving items and money away for free.

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Our latest “Best of MrBeast” video is one where Greenville’s own starts out with unlimited iPhones in this video, with a tiny rectangle right next to it. All the iPhones are still in the box, having never been used or opened. However many the contestant can stack, Greenville’s MrBeast will pay for.

Greenville’s MrBeast in Super Bowl commercial

On the other hand, if the entire stack falls over, the contestant walks away with nothing. He stacks and walks away with 32 iPhones.

Getting a look inside MrBeast’s warehouses

The next giveaway is two cars. In the beginning, the cars are under two separate sheets, one car is made of Ramen Noodles and the other one is a Mini Coupe. The contestant has to choose between the two sheets to see if they can guess which one has the car. If they guess correctly, they keep the car. Which one did she choose?

MrBeast helps thousand people with eyesight issues see again

Next, MrBeast and some contestants are on an island. He tells the contestants he has a briefcase and is going to hide it. Whoever finds it first, wins the island.

The next part of the video goes to a car lot where each car is owned by MrBeast. He will give the cars away. He lets a contestant pick out a car, as well as gives her $300 to drive it off the lot.

Best of MrBeast: Giving back to service workers

The final part of the video has the gang taking their throws at carnival games. There are some successes and some failures but a lot of fun in the process.

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