GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — MrBeast has millions of dollars in front of him due to his YouTube success, but he says he spends most nights sleeping in the studio where he does a lot of his filming.

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Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, is known for his high-production challenge-style videos where contestants compete for huge prizes and large amounts of cash. Even though he is one of the highest-paid creators on YouTube, he lives in quite a modest home right here in Greenville.

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The video was done by Mrwhosetheboss. The total cost of the building and amenities equated to over $14 million. Some of the things he can do in this over-the-top warehouse are blowing things up in his main studio, also called Studio C. The room is around 50,000 square feet and inside it is stacks of silver briefcases known for being full of cash to be handed to contestants when they win a cash prize.

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This studio is also sound-proofed and includes hundreds of sprinklers.

In his control room, it is lined with screens so they can monitor contestants who are participating in his challenges. For one of his videos where participants were asked to remain in a large circle for 100 hours, they used 40 cameras. Inside here is the camera room. He says some of his videos can require up to 100 cameras. It was stocked with many lenses and cables, containing 2 FS5 cameras which cost around $6,000 each when they first came out.

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He also has a room full of whiteboard paint on the walls used for brainstorming, which is equipped with $19,000 Windows PCs and $21,000 MacBook Pros. This also has a kitchen space stocked with his Feastibles chocolate line.

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The warehouse contains a tiny apartment, which is where he says he lives most of the time. It contains a double bed with a matching sofa, a small home gym, a fridge and two television screens. He says he stays here to help him save money and sometimes will spend up to 20 days straight inside the building.

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There is also a gaming setup and a separate studio full of all the props used in his videos.

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