GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — We all know about the game of tag, but this version is to the max.

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In this video from Greenville’s MrBeast, 10 contestants are given the chance to win big bucks. The last one to get tagged wins $500,000. The game is held on a football field that holds up to 160,000 people.

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To start off the game MrBeast gives them 10 seconds to find somewhere to hide. They each have cameras attached to their backpacks to take us along for the ride. To catch all that entertainment, click here.

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They run under the stadium, on the stairs and in other places. Once a few people are tagged out, he shrinks the hiding places to strictly on the track that borders the actual field. Some of the remaining contestants actually found some pretty clever spots to hide. Cllick here to see them.

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By the time there are two contestants left, they have been playing this game for 24 hours straight if you can believe it. One full day of hiding and playing tag.

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To see what happened in the end, click here to watch the full video.

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