GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — A good part of MrBeast’s videos involve challenges. In this video, he also teaches everyone an important lesson. Never lie about your height.

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In a video shot at Walmart, he asks for people’s height. Once they give him the number, he asks if he can measure them and if their measurements align, he’ll give them a hefty amount of cash.

The first contestant was off by just one inch, but the second one was right on the dot. How much money did he walk away with? Watch the video to find out.

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In the same Walmart he asks people if they’d like a grand, or would they rather give someone else 10 grand. One of the two people asked decided to give it to someone random and once he found the person, MrBeast also gave him $10,000 for his generosity.

He continues the pattern of games in Walmart by hiding $10,000 in a pie. He asked multiple people if they would like the pie and they all said no. Little did they know once someone finally agrees, MrBeast asks him to pull the stick out of the top. Attached to the stick is all the money.

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The rest of this video is filled with fun challenges he created. Watch it to find out what they are.

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