GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — MrBeast’s version of the popular Netflix series “Squid Games” quickly became one of his most popular videos ever posted to social media.

The Greenville resident recreated the “Squid Games” set and added 456 contestants. Whoever survived the longest would walk away with $456,000. It was quite the contrast from the fictional Netflix version, where contestants who lost were met with a much more deadly demise.

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The first game in MrBeast’s version is “red light, green light.” The contestants have 30 minutes to cross the red line on the other side of the huge room they’re in. But, there’s a catch.

Every single player has a device strapped to them. If they move even in the slightest after the “red light” is called, that device pops, and they’re automatically eliminated.

After this challenge, only 232 players remained.

Best of MrBeast: 100 subscribers must stay hidden for 10 hours for $$$

Next is “the honeycomb.” Here, everyone gets a needle and a cookie with a different shape on it. They then have 10 minutes to remove the shape from the cookie, but if they break the shape, they’re eliminated. The shapes are a star, triangle, circle and umbrella.

Only 142 contestants were remaining after this challenge, but the ones who were eliminated walked away with $2,000 cash.

Best of MrBeast: $300,000 given to those in need

MrBeast then told the group that if they walked out, he’d give them $4,000 in cash. After this, only 120 people were left. With the 120, they broke up into groups of 10 and formed teams for “tug of war.”

The matchups were chosen randomly and the losing team was then eliminated. After the faceoffs, there were 60 people left.

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Game number four was “marbles.” Every contestant gets a bag of 10 marbles. Twenty marbles get you to move on, but your best friend is eliminated that you were partnered up with. They can play whatever game they want with the 30 minutes given, but only one will walk into the next round.

MrBeast helps thousand people with eyesight issues see again

The survivors played “Ddakji.” They have to use a blue piece of paper to flip the red square on the ground. The first 16 to accomplish this will move on.

After this challenge, they moved on to a room filled with 16 mannequins with Korean numbers on the back and placed them in random order. The number they pick is the one they take to the glass bridge.

Here, there are two bridges. One will drop you and one will hold you. The goal is to guess all the correct platforms to jump onto and cross the finish line. After this challenge, six people moved on to the final round.

Best of MrBeast: Giving back to service workers

The final game is one we all know, musical chairs. Down to the final two, the second-place winner still walked away with $10,000 while the winner walked away with the $456,000 grand prize.

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