GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — A video by MrBeast actually took place in the practice gym at Minges Arena and pitted contestants against each other.

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A contestant lines up to shoot a blindfolded backward basketball shot that will earn him $30,000 if he makes it. Unfortunately, this contestant just misses.

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He moves to East Carolina University’s campus where he puts a sign in the middle of a red circle that reads “stand in the circle for $100.” Eventually, a good amount of people start to stand in it and, as promised, they all get $100.

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In the next segment, he travels over to a jewelry store and gives a bowl to a contestant. He then tells her she has 30 seconds to put whatever she can fit in the bowl however much it is, he’ll pay for it. The total came out to $60,990.

In the next part of the video, one of his friends is pretending to be an Uber driver and picks someone up, while MrBeast and his other friends are in his ear through an earpiece, getting him to say hilarious and weird things.

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After the “Uber driver” gets to the destination, he gives the car to the person who called for the Uber.

So he got a ride to his apartment and a free car. Pretty good day, yeah?

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