GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Legos are considered one of the worst things to step on. So how would you deal with a house full of them?

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In a “Best of MrBeast” video, MrBeast had millions of Legos ready to put in his friend’s house as a prank. After putting sheets down so the floor doesn’t endure any scratches, they begin dumping Legos all over the floor.

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While waiting for the Legos, MrBeast fills not only the house with Legos but also fills his friend’s room with sticky notes and bouncy balls in the bathtub.

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MrBeast had boxes of Legos set up at the entrance of the house so when his friends come back home, thousands more spill out. Click here to see how he did that.

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He fills the remaining rooms with other things his friends will certainly have a hard time cleaning up.

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