GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — If you were offered a mystery prize or $1, what would you pick?

In a recent Instagram reel, Greenville’s MrBeast is carrying a massive box at a Walmart. He finds two boys and asks them if they’d like a dollar or a mystery prize. Obviously, the only answer is “mystery prize,” which is what the boys said.

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The giant box had multiple smaller boxes inside, making the boys tear through every box to get this prize. They eventually unwrap down to some MrBeast “Feastables” chocolate bars, but they’re not at the bottom yet.

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After unwrapping several more boxes, they get to a small wooden case. One of the boys says “It’s going to be car keys or something.” To their disappointment, it wasn’t.

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So what was at the very bottom of all the unwrapping? Click the video to find out.

As disappointed as they could have been, one of them said, “I needed that actually.” So, it worked out for everyone.

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