GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — MrBeast’s Feastables is being sued for alleged infringement against the Florida-based company Dee’s Nuts.

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MrBeasts’s peanut butter-flavored candy bar is called Deez Nuts, but according to the lawsuit from Dee’s Nuts, the name was trademarked back in 2012 by Brian Ditore, who registered the Dee’s Nuts trademark.

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“Plaintiff has consistently used the DEE’S NUTS Mark in commerce for the sale of gourmet flavored peanuts for over a decade,” the lawsuit alleges. Ditore chose the name, the lawsuit explains, in honor of his grandmother Adeline D’amore, who was known as “Mrs. Dee,” according to dailydot.

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MrBeast released the name of the chocolate bar in February on X.

Dee’s Nuts sent Feastables a cease-and-desist letter after the video was posted, but received a response from the company in April stating that they were going to keep using the name.

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According to the lawsuit, since Feastables launched its product, Dee’s Nuts has been contacted online by fans accusing them of infringing MrBeast’s copyright.  

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Dee’s Nuts is asking for “damages” from MrBeast after a full count of the company’s profit earned from the alleged infringement and legal fees.

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