GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Have you ever seen a $1 billion super yacht that’s big enough to hold an entire city on it? If not, MrBeast can show you.

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His newest video was released Saturday. He and his friends checked out yachts that ranged from $1 to $1 billion. It takes on a familiar beat to one of his last videos, called the “$1 vs $500,000 Plane Ticket!,” which was released on April 1.

In this video, there were many boats and yachts he showed off. He started with a big boat he bought for $1. It very quickly became apparent why it was so low. As soon as they put it in the water, it literally started sinking until it was completely underwater.

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Next was a $1 million yacht that had amenities such as bedrooms and a surprisingly big living room. To see if that one sailed any better, click here.

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The next yacht was a $10 million one that was a little bit nicer with more bedrooms and bathrooms. It also offered more seating areas with better material.

It was followed by a $25 million yacht they considered to be “a mansion.” It also came with a chef. While all of that was nice, they put the yacht’s helipad to good use and got pizza delivered. See how they did that here.

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The next yacht they joined was $50 million, which offered a crew that helped with anything at any time with the click of a button. MrBeast also had fun activities on here with some of his other friends, including comedian Pete Davidson. Click here to see the fun they had on that yacht.

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The $300 million yacht was one of the largest in the world. It offered over 50 crew members that would give you any request, along with nine master bedrooms. Six floors, a massive pool and a hot tub with a view were included. A full gym was also on board along with a movie theater.

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Another special guest joined that yacht, none other than Tom Brady. He said it’s the nicest boat he’s ever been on. Brady even put on a show with his still impressive passing skills by trying to hit MrBeast’s drone out of the sky with a football with one try. To see if he was able to complete it, click here.

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The last yacht was the $1 billion one that was essentially a cruise. They called it a “floating city” and for good reason. It was 1,200 feet wide, 17 stories high and could fit 10,000 people in 2,000 rooms. It also had water slides, mini golf, basketball courts, an indoor entertainment theater and so much more.

To help him do that, he invited 400 of his subscribers on board. After that, he gave each of them something to remember the experience. To see everything that came with it, click here.

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