GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — MrBeast gives a lot of gifts, but Sunday is his day to receive them.

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The Greenville resident, Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, turns 25. He has taken social media by storm, especially YouTube, and made a huge name for himself through extreme challenge videos and insane presents and cash rewards.

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In honor of his birthday, here are some fun facts about him:

MrBeast started YouTube at just age 13:

In his first video in 2012, he got recognition under the name “MrBeast 6000” on YouTube. He spent the first few years of his career making his way onto the algorithm by uploading gameplay videos in a series called “Let’s Play.” These videos were mostly Minecraft and Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

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His first famous video was him counting to 100,000:

In 2017, he got his first taste of fame when he posted a video of himself counting to 100,000. This took him nearly 40 hours, but it was sped up to 24 hours to not exceed YouTube’s time limit.

His most famous video is his version of “Squid Games”:

His most famous video cost $4 million, titled “$456,000 Squid Game in Real Life,” replicating the Netflix show by giving 456 contestants the chance to win $456,000 after completing challenges that mimic the show.

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MrBeast holds a Guinness World Record:

He holds the record for most trees planted in a day where more than 600 people were able to plant 67,000 trees in one day. This is due to his “#teamtrees,” where people either donate money to plant them, or they just plant them themselves. They are at 24,396136 trees so far with an original goal of 20,000,000.

Note: We’re going to spotlight events, videos and other social posts that revolve around MrBeast, who lives in Greenville, and all the great work he does online, in the community and around the country. To follow MrBeast, click here:

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