GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — It’s common that people will create fake social media accounts and impersonate celebrities to scam people. MrBeast is speaking out on his disgust towards the ones who do it.

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His rapid success has led people to create these accounts and try to scam money or other things out of people. With MrBeast using fans and random people in his video, it could be unusual for him to reach out to someone via social media. Nevertheless, he is irked by a user pretending to be him.

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As more news about fans being scammed came out, he addressed it on his Instagram story.

MrBeast Instagram photo

It’s rare to see an angry version of MrBeast on social media or in videos, although this behavior is justified. The scammers can not only cause the creator a loss in follower growth but also temper with his fan interaction, especially after the last few videos gained millions of views rapidly, breaking his own records.

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