GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — MrBeast challenged a fan to spend $1 million in 24 hours. It seems easy but after watching this video, you’ll learn it’s not.

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The video shows the contestant starting his quest at Best Buy, loading up on electronics. He picked up headphones, several of the newest PlayStation gaming systems, three MacBooks, seven iPhones, a number of other Apple products and more. After buying all of these products, he still was only at $23,800.

He took those products back to his friends and family and distributed them.

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He then took his money to a car dealership, where he spent $100,000. He still was only at $123,800, not even close to the million he was given to spend.

His next stop was to a local mall, where he bought his wife a brand new $20,000 wedding ring.

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After that, he decided to get an upgraded living space for himself and his family. With this comes new furniture, where he spent right around $36,000. He also threw down an extra $30,000 on appliances. That put him at $332,400.

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Once he has everything he needs to get his house started, he gave $15,000 to his mother and another $15,000 to his mother-in-law.

After taxes, the deposit on his house and all the other things, his grand total still only came out to $583,000.

After watching this video, you may realize spending $1 million is harder than you think.