GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — After buying out an entire neighborhood for his staff and others to live in, MrBeast is receiving some backlash.

MrBeast has been buying homes in the Greenville neighborhood where he grew up

The New York Post came out with the news earlier this week. He gifted his workers stress-free accommodation, making it closer to work to take a little less stress off of them. Even with good intentions, some of his usually loyal fans were a bit taken back.

Some tweeted things such as saying it sounds “culty.” Another said “Imagine losing your job and your house on the same day. That’s what company towns are. Your employer owns every aspect of your life.”

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Despite this, a lot of other fans said “There’s always someone who wants to ruin the fun, right? I don’t see anything wrong with helping people in need without strings attached.”

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“You could rid of the entire world of debt and someone somewhere would find something negative to say about it. Nothing you can do.”

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“They really scraping at the bottom of the barrel to cancel this man.”

After his fans went back and forth, MrBeast took it upon himself to say something on one of the posts.

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